Studio Light

Pencil drawing of painting in studio

The environment of the studio can be visually engaging as one works on various ideas. Considering the quality of light as it enters the work space, at different times of the day and season to season, can be a factor in the choice of colours and their value as work progresses on an art work.  The image shown left is an earlier drawing of a studio view which shows the interplay of the painted view of a still life on an easel in the foreground, see image below right, and another simple still life in the background. The picture plane is divided by dominant diagonals, the use of different implied textures and the suggestion of a strong light.

Homemade Lunch, Feb 28, 1990, oil painting, 61 x 61 cm










The drawing below is another approach to the still life with the environment of the studio and the exterior also being considered. The large north facing windows with stain glass panels, weather effects and light offer visual information to work with. The final image contrasts the inside with the outside but also have elements of opacity and transparency, movement as opposed to stillness and contrasts of textures and shapes.

Studio Light, Mar 3, 2011, pencil drawing, 21.5 x 27.9 cm

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