This series of drawings continues the interest in the still life in the studio with the investigation of the various elements of design and quality of light.

studio-light-apr-1215-pencil-on-paper-63-4-cm-x-78-5-jpeg                  Studio Light April 12, 2015, graphite pencil on paper, 63.4 cm x 78.5 cm

studio-light-dec-1115-pencil-on-museum-board-81-4-cm-x-101-5-cm-jpeg          Studio Light Dec 11, 2015, graphite pencil on museum board, 81.4 cm x 101.5 cm

           Studio Light Jan 10, 2016, graphite pencil on museum board, 101.5 cm x 152.4 cm

                                                         Detail of light bulb and socket

painting-in-studio-2-feb-25-2016-graphite-drawing-on-museum-board-jpeg   Painting In Studio , Feb 25, 2016, graphite pencil on museum board, 81.4 cm x 101.5 cm



painting-in-studio-2-detail-of-water-jug-and-glass-jpeg                                                     Detail of water bottle and glass


Studio Light Bulb, Tin and Jar, Jan 12, 2016, graphite pencil on paper, 63.4 cm x 78.5 cm


















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