Summer Winter Spring Autumn

This is another four panel painting in the Four Seasons series. The image is a large square and circle divided into four quadrants representing the four seasons.  A smaller version is in the centre of the four panels.

The drawings show the development of the composition and colour relationships of the four panels. Each panel is a smaller version of the larger image and displayed horizontally the viewer must imagine how the 4 panels fit together to form the complete circle. Also a different kind of movement occurs in the background and within each panel when they are seen horizontally (click on images to enlarge).

Summer Winter Spring Autumn, Oct 4, 2012, acrylic on 4 canvas panels, each panel 61 x 61 cm

Summer Winter Spring Autumn, April 26, 2012, coloured pencil on paper, 6.3 x 25.4 cm

The Seasons, April 12, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

The Seasons, April 10, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

SpringWinterSummerAutumn, April 8, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

Summer Winter, left panels

Spring Autumn, right panels

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