Summer Winter Spring Autumn

This is another four panel painting in the Four Seasons series. The image is a large square and circle divided into four quadrants representing the four seasons.  A smaller version is in the centre of the four panels.

The drawings show the development of the composition and colour relationships of the four panels. Each panel is a smaller version of the larger image and displayed horizontally the viewer must imagine how the 4 panels fit together to form the complete circle. Also a different kind of movement occurs in the background and within each panel when they are seen horizontally.

Summer Winter Spring Autumn, Oct 4, 2012, acrylic on 4 canvas panels, each panel 61 x 61 cm

Summer Winter Spring Autumn, April 26, 2012, coloured pencil on paper, 6.3 x 25.4 cm

The Seasons, April 12, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

The Seasons, April 10, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

SpringWinterSummerAutumn, April 8, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

Summer Winter, left panels

Spring Autumn, right panels

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