Still life survey

Self portrait with medicine cabinet, pencil drawing, 24.3 x 44 cm, Nov 7, 1987

Admiral and achar in studio, pencil drawing, 21.6 x 30 cm, March 25,1990


Salt Jar on Window sill (detail), pastel on paper


This page is a survey of a few of the still life works completed in different media and approaches to the subject.  

Vase with bowl of grapes and apples, oil painting on wood, 76.2 x 101.5 cm, July 1989
Window Still Life (detail), oil painting on wood, 76 cm x 101.7 cm


Wedding Roses, pencil drawing on paper, 25 cm x 50.6 cm. Oct 10,1983


Bathroom Light, pencil on paper, 58.5cm x 83.5 cm


The York Hotel Still Life (detail), sculpture, 60.7 x 51.5 x 28 cm, Nov 3,1982


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