Toward Unity 3


Toward Unity 3, painting, 76cm x 76cm, May 31, 2012


Unity, painting, 76 cm x 76 cm, May 31, 2009
Toward Unity 1, painting, 76 cm x 76 cm, June 24, 2009

Toward Unity 2, painting, 69 cm x 69.3 cm, June 29, 2009


The Unity and Toward Unity paintings and drawings are a series begun in the Spring of 2009. In these works I have used the symbols, a hexagram or the six pointed star, the cross and the crescent and polygram or five pointed star. The three symbols represent the three monotheistic faiths, the hexagram representing Judaism, the cross  Christianity and the crescent and five pointed star Islam. While these symbols have a traditional reference to a particular faith they also are seen and used in other contexts from antiquity to modern times.     

Use of the symbols originate from an interest in geometry and in particular the designs I have seen in ancient mosques in Pakistan, India and Kashmir. I was keenly interested in the interior of  domes in mosques in Kashmir having a type of muqarnas constructed of carved and decorated wood beams that overlapped and progressed upwards producing a powerfull sense of depth and movement when light illuminated the structure. The idea of uniting the three symbols is to convey the message of a common origin and universality of message.     


                                    Universal Unity, drawing, 76.8 cm x 76.8 cm, August 30, 2009   


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