This series of drawings and paintings continues investigations of the landscape. The works are based on the composition of a quadrant and the basic shapes of the circle, square and triangle with additional bisections, colour and texture.



Detail Winter Quadrant    

WSSF Feb 9, 2016, Pastel on paper,   cm x   cm




WSSF Feb 10, 2016, Pastel on paper,   cm x   cmwssf-feb-10-2016-pastel-on-paper-jpeg

Detail Summer quadrant


WSSF Feb 11, 2016, Pastel on paper,


WSSF Spring Light, March 4, 2016,   cm x   cm

WSSF Spring, March 11, 2016,   cm x   cm

Bismillah in Lahore 1980, March 17, 2016,   cm x   cmbismillah-in-lahore-1980-march-17-2016-jpeg

Bismillah One, March 16 , 2016,   cm x   cm


WSSF Early Spring, March 3, 2016,   cm x    cm


WSSF Winter Light, March 12, 2016,   cm x    cm


WSSF Winter Grey, June 8, 2016,   cm x   cmwssf-winter-grey-june-8-2016-jpeg

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This series of drawings continues the interest in the still life in the studio with the investigation of the various elements of design and quality of light.

studio-light-apr-1215-pencil-on-paper-63-4-cm-x-78-5-jpeg                  Studio Light April 12, 2015, graphite pencil on paper, 63.4 cm x 78.5 cm

studio-light-dec-1115-pencil-on-museum-board-81-4-cm-x-101-5-cm-jpeg          Studio Light Dec 11, 2015, graphite pencil on museum board, 81.4 cm x 101.5 cm

           Studio Light Jan 10, 2016, graphite pencil on museum board, 101.5 cm x 152.4 cm

                                                         Detail of light bulb and socket

painting-in-studio-2-feb-25-2016-graphite-drawing-on-museum-board-jpeg   Painting In Studio , Feb 25, 2016, graphite pencil on museum board, 81.4 cm x 101.5 cm



painting-in-studio-2-detail-of-water-jug-and-glass-jpeg                                                     Detail of water bottle and glass


Studio Light Bulb, Tin and Jar, Jan 12, 2016, graphite pencil on paper, 63.4 cm x 78.5 cm


















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Summer Winter Spring Autumn

This is another four panel painting in the Four Seasons series. The image is a large square and circle divided into four quadrants representing the four seasons.  A smaller version is in the centre of the four panels.

The drawings show the development of the composition and colour relationships of the four panels. Each panel is a smaller version of the larger image and displayed horizontally the viewer must imagine how the 4 panels fit together to form the complete circle. Also a different kind of movement occurs in the background and within each panel when they are seen horizontally.

Summer Winter Spring Autumn, Oct 4, 2012,Acrylic paint on 4 canvas panels, each panel 61 x 61 cm

Summer Winter Spring Autumn, April 26, 2012, coloured pencil on paper, 6.3 x 25.4 cm

The Seasons, April 12, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

The Seasons, April 10, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

SpringWinterSummerAutumn, April 8, 2012, coloured pencil on paper,17.8 x 22 cm

Summer Winter, left panels

Spring Autumn, right panels

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Toward Unity- Palestine

Acrylic paint on canvas, 91.4 x 91.4 cm

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Toward Unity – Star Emerging

Acrylic paint on canvas, 91.4 x 91.4 cm

Another painting continuing the Unity series.

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Still life survey

Self portrait with medicine cabinet, pencil drawing, 24.3 x 44 cm, Nov 7, 1987

Admiral and achar in studio, pencil drawing, 21.6 x 30 cm, March 25,1990


Salt Jar on Window sill (detail), pastel on paper


This page is a survey of a few of the still life works completed in different media and approaches to the subject.  

Vase with bowl of grapes and apples, oil painting on wood, 76.2 x 101.5 cm, July 1989
Window Still Life (detail), oil painting on wood, 76 cm x 101.7 cm


Wedding Roses, pencil drawing on paper, 25 cm x 50.6 cm. Oct 10,1983


Bathroom Light, pencil on paper, 58.5cm x 83.5 cm


The York Hotel Still Life (detail), sculpture, 60.7 x 51.5 x 28 cm, Nov 3,1982


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Toward Unity 3


Toward Unity 3, painting, 76cm x 76cm, May 31, 2012


Unity, painting, 76 cm x 76 cm, May 31, 2009
Toward Unity 1, painting, 76 cm x 76 cm, June 24, 2009

Toward Unity 2, painting, 69 cm x 69.3 cm, June 29, 2009


The Unity and Toward Unity paintings and drawings are a series begun in the Spring of 2009. In these works I have used the symbols, a hexagram or the six pointed star, the cross and the crescent and polygram or five pointed star. The three symbols represent the three monotheistic faiths, the hexagram representing Judaism, the cross  Christianity and the crescent and five pointed star Islam. While these symbols have a traditional reference to a particular faith they also are seen and used in other contexts from antiquity to modern times.     

Use of the symbols originate from an interest in geometry and in particular the designs I have seen in ancient mosques in Pakistan, India and Kashmir. I was keenly interested in the interior of  domes in mosques in Kashmir having a type of muqarnas constructed of carved and decorated wood beams that overlapped and progressed upwards producing a powerfull sense of depth and movement when light illuminated the structure. The idea of uniting the three symbols is to convey the message of a common origin and universality of message.     


                                    Universal Unity, drawing, 76.8 cm x 76.8 cm, August 30, 2009   


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Signs of the Seasons

Acrylic paint on canvas, 66 x 66 cm


This is a recent painting that continues the series of the Seasons. The four quadrants represent the cycle of seasons beginning with Winter in the upper left and continuing clockwise with Spring, Summer and Autumn.

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The Vessel

The Vessel, Jan 17,2012,coloured pencil on paper, 56 x 76 cm

The drawing is an image of an earthen ware jug with verses inscribed into the paper surface.  The verses, in English translation,are from the Qur’an and the meaning of the word vessel is used in the context of each verse.  



He has created man out of sounding clay, like pottery. ( Chapter, Ar – Rahman or The Beneficent,verse 14) But him We bore on that vessel made of planks and nails. (Chapter, Al Qamar or The Moon, verse 13) And, indeed, We have caused such floating vessels to remain forever a sign of Our Grace unto mankind: who,then, is willing to take it to heart ? ( Al Qamar, verse 15)
And they will be waited upon with vessels of silver and goblets that will (seem to) be crystal. (Al Insan or The Mankind, verse 15)
..with goblets, and ewers, and cups filled with water from unsullied springs. (Al – Waqi’a or the Event or The Inevitable, verse, 18)
Coloured pencil drawing on paper, 56 x 76 cm (detail of clay jug)


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Studio Light

Studio Light, Dec 23,2011, Pencil drawing, 77 x 111.5cm

Detail of image
This drawing is another version of the Studio Light images. It is a coloured pencil drawing with incising into the paper surface similar to the technique used in the Ninety Nine Signs drawings and paintings.
The selection of objects for this still life are ones that have been used in previous art works. The salt jar with a spoon, the comb and marbles in jars and the light bulb are all objects that represent ideas seen in earlier works
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